Your company logo or location map? The schedule for your day's event? The line-up of the festival, or a new year's or business gift? The possibilities are endless!

Your design is printed fully or partially on the Cartoseat or Cartotable as you desire - digitally, offset or silk screened. We can also give your table or stool a glossy coat of UV-resistant (spot) varnish. Care for white lettering? Or do you prefer the unprinted cardboard look?

We'll be glad to make recommendations for using your promotional eye-catcher optimally as a sponsorship or advertising tool.


   You can use the Cartoseat  and/or Cartotable

·    Festivals - consider your own colour and logo

·   Trade shows - indicate your stand's location by printing a map on the stool

·  Workshops and meetings - print the day's schedule on your Cartoseat

· Sports events - fine for the observer and a great eye-catcher

· Weddings and parties - original and a fun souvenir