Cartoseat is the creative, hip, durable cardboard stool made to use at trade shows, festivals, conventions and other events. 

This tough seat isn't just a pretty eye-catcher during your event: you can also take it home as a promotional object. Twice the fun!

Own design

Have your Cartoseat be noticed with your own design…. “Make a seat- Take a seat”.

You can easily design the stool yourself using our formatting instructions.

No resources available? Our Studio is glad to help.


A different format for every occasion. Our assortment includes Medium, Large and XXL. Every format can be set up quickly and easily; they're nice and lightweight and can be packaged by the piece in an environmentally friendly bag.

Care to have a different format? ... just let us know.


Ordering the Cartoseat is easy. Get in touch with us and we'll discuss your wishes.

We'll then send you a suitable quote.

"Make a seat ..... Take a seat"